The future of locks

locksmithmelbourne - future of locks

Any homeowner will tell you that one of their biggest concerns is keeping their house secure, and doing so has become more difficult over the years as thieves have become more clever and resourceful. Thankfully the security industry has kept pace and continues to come up with new technologies to increase security and thereby safety for homeowners and their families.

How your locks can affect insurance

locksmithmelbourne - locks and insurance

We all want our homes to be safe, and because of that, investing in quality locks on our doors and windows is a smart idea. However, the type of locks you choose may also have an impact on your home and contents insurance; depending on your property, it can help to reduce your premiums, and there may be clauses if the locks you’ve chosen aren’t sufficient. If you’re looking to insure your home, but you’re worried your locks aren’t up to scratch, check out these top tips for getting your property in shape, and make sure to call in a residential locksmith in Melbourne.

How to know when to change your locks

locksmithmelbourne - when to change locks

One of the top issues for homeowners is, of course, keeping your house locked and making sure those locks are secure. It’s an issue because many people don’t change their locks, even when they really should. It’s not difficult to do; there are many good residentials locksmiths in Melbourne who’ll be only too happy to take on the job for you.



Having your lock rekeyed may sound like a major hassle. However, it is one of the easiest ways to enhance your home security. Let’s have a look at the top 4 reasons you might require our rekeying service.




Have you ever wondered why locks are featured in pop culture? Have you ever noticed how often locks and lock symbolism appears in movies and games, and are used in song lyrics? Let’s check out some common pop platforms where locks are utilized in different ways and are the heroes of multimedia.




Imagine that you have just come home from a lovely dinner date and realise you have dropped your house keys somewhere along the way. It would be such a devastating situation to be locked out after a fun night out, especially in this chilly winter weather. Faced with this situation, most of us would pick up the phone and try to track down a reliable locksmith company who can come to the rescue as soon as possible. However, you may struggle to find one open late at night and waste precious time searching for a locksmith service that is open after hours.

In response to customers’ changing needs, many locksmith businesses now have more flexible trading hours. Here are 3 scenarios you could face in the future in which a 24-hour locksmith service will come in very handy.

Commercial security: Why does it matter?

Business Security Systems

In professional business environments, security of the commercial premises needs to be prioritized. An effective security system protects your business’ assets and privacy, and guarantees a safe working environment for your employees. Each of these elements have a major impact on your business success. Most business owners find it beneficial to install building security to deter burglars and reduce the risk of other common criminal activities including shoplifting and vandalism. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is crucial to install a reliable and secure security system for your business.

10 Reasons to Improve your Home Security

Crime Burglar Opening a Door

When it comes to burglaries most people think ‘that will never happen to me’. It is natural to assume that we are safe and protected behind those closed doors and locks. However, a burglary occurs every few minutes in Melbourne. Let’s explore some of the most interesting facts about burglary in Victoria and you can get an idea of how safe your own home is.



Home security should be one of your top priorities, especially since it impacts upon the safety of your own loved ones. It is easy to make basic security mistakes that make it simpler for intruders to break into our residential property. Understanding the most common mistakes not only helps you to protect your home from burglars, but also puts you at ease when you are away on holiday, as you know you have taken the necessary measures.

Top 3 common locksmith myths debunked



There are times when you are stuck outside your vehicle, get locked out of your own house or forget to bring the keys to get into the office. When this happens you might get frustrated or start panicking because you realize it is unsafe to be outside alone, especially since it’s getting late. Sometimes you are able to locate a spare key to get back inside. More often than not, you will need to pick up your phone and call a locksmith. If it is your first time calling a locksmith, you may have a lot of doubts about how much you should be charged for the service, how long it normally takes for locksmiths to arrive, or whether the company you have contacted are reliable and certified.