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Are you looking for top automotive locksmiths in Melbourne? You have found them. Melbourne City Locksmiths offer expert professional vehicle locksmith services. We have assembled a team of experts who have the necessary experience to help with all kinds of auto locksmith services. They work on all kinds of cars, from older models to the newest European and Asian cars. We also have the best equipment to do different kinds of vehicle locksmith jobs. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Lost Keys For All Kinds Of Vehicles

If you can’t find your car keys, there is no need to panic. All you need to do is call us and we will come to you. We are able to replace both genuine and non-genuine keys as well as your car’s central locking. Our locksmiths will first lift and information that is left on the vehicle’s computer that may render the new keys unusable. You should be aware that keys for for cars built after 1996 have a transponder head and are therefore a bit more expensive to replace (they require specialised ECU programming if they are going to work).

Make You Spare Sets Of Car Keys

It makes sense that you have one or two spare keys just in case you lose the one that you carry around every. We are able to produce these keys for you and test them to make sure that they work.

Locked Yourself Out Of Your Vehicle?

It happens all the time; again, don’t panic, just call us. We will send someone over to you who will use advanced bypass methods and lock picking techniques to open your car. You don’t have to worry about damage; all our locksmiths at Melbourne City Locksmiths are trained in how to gain access into vehicles without damage.

Jammed Ignition Keys

Some car models seem to suffer this problem more than others. If you own one, you can call us if you find yourself in a jam. We hold replacement ignition and door locks for these cars and we will get you a new ignition and new keys while you wait.

Keys Broken In The Ignition

If your key gets broken in the ignition, we can remove it without causing any damage to the ignition and also issue you with new keys.

Other Craft

We don’t work on keys for just cars. We also work on other craft such as boats, motor bikes, trucks, earth-moving equipment, forklifts and so on. Whatever your craft, call us if you are having key trouble and we will see if we can fix it.

What makes Melbourne City Locksmith superior to other automotive locksmiths in Melbourne?

We have done several things to differentiate ourselves. Other than the fact that each of our vehicle locksmiths is highly trained and experienced, there are 4 things that we believe deliver the kind of service that our customers expect and deserve:

  • The first is speed. Immediately you call Melbourne City Locksmiths, we will have someone come to your location. They are trained to do the job as you wait but if your vehicle needs to come in, they will organise for it to be moved to our yard overnight. The yard is well secured and there are CCTV cameras so you don’t have to worry about security.
  • The second is quality. Whether we are buying key replacement equipment or new materials for making keys, we always buy from the top vendors. You can be sure that you are getting the best in terms of quality.
  • We have priced our services very reasonably. We give top quality service for very fair prices.
  • We do regular background and criminal checks on all our employees. You don’t have to worry that they may hold back keys and get access to your vehicle later. Also, we hold privacy dearly so you can be sure that whatever they see and hear in your car remains in your car.
  • You can expect professionalism from any locksmith from Melbourne City Locksmiths.

You never have to be stranded again because there is a problem with the keys for your vehicle. Call us and let us come and get you out of trouble.