How to know when to change your locks

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One of the top issues for homeowners is, of course, keeping your house locked and making sure those locks are secure. It’s an issue because many people don’t change their locks, even when they really should. It’s not difficult to do; there are many good residentials locksmiths in Melbourne who’ll be only too happy to take on the job for you.

But when should you change your locks? Here’s three tips you might find quite useful:

1. Consider your keys

The obvious time to change a lock would be if you happened to lose your keys. However, it’s not only about losing your keys. It’s also about lending them. If you go away and give your keys to a neighbor so they can check in on your home or pets while you’re away, it’s not a bad idea to change the locks once you get back. You may trust your neighbors, but you never can be too careful. Also, if you give keys to your kids so they can get in the house after school, you may want to change your locks every so often. You never know if your child might lose the keys or if one of their friends might get hold of them. In fact, if anyone you don’t completely trust has had a key to your home, be it a repairman or even your ex while going through a divorce, it’s safer to change those locks.

2. New homes need new locks

When moving into a new house, most people have a lot on their plate, what with finalising all the paperwork, moving their belongings, and the arduous task of unpacking everything once they’ve moved in. Don’t overlook your locks, though. You don’t know how many people lived in that house before you did, and you don’t know if any of them might still have a spare key lying around. Better safe than sorry; change the locks so that you won’t have any unwelcome surprises.

3. Locks don’t last forever

No matter how good your locks are, they will eventually wear out. You might find that even with the key inserted, it’s difficult to unlock your door. Sometimes, you might just end up locked out because you have an old lock that just won’t open due to wear and tear. In these situation, you want to get some new locks installed. It’s far better to get a new lock than to risk breaking a key trying to open an old one. Also, newer locks are more durable.