The future of locks

locksmithmelbourne - future of locks

Any homeowner will tell you that one of their biggest concerns is keeping their house secure, and doing so has become more difficult over the years as thieves have become more clever and resourceful. Thankfully the security industry has kept pace and continues to come up with new technologies to increase security and thereby safety for homeowners and their families.

Fingerprint ID

One such innovation is the use of fingerprint scanners at the entry points of the home. You’d still have a key, but the fingerprint ID would be added as a secondary measure to ensure that not just anyone could copy a key and walk right through the front door. Using added measures means added peace of mind.

Smart Lock

Another type of lock that’s on the rise is what’s being called a “smart lock“. This isn’t so much a brand new system that will replace the old one; it’s more of an upgrade. It works with your smartphone and WiFi, and it’s powered by 4 AA batteries, so it won’t be affected by issues with your home power source. It attaches to the inside of your door and works with almost any standard deadbolt. When you come home, the smart lock will detect your smartphone once you’re within a certain distance of the door and it will unlock for you, without the need for a key.

Classic door locks 

Of course, a key is still required in some cases. The safety measure built into the lock is that the key can still be used to enter if the batteries run down. That way you won’t have to worry about being locked out of your home if the batteries run out while you’re away. Having a tried and true key lock on the outside makes this new technology a safer bet for people who may be a little nervous about the prospect of a keyless entry system.

Even with new features added, a key lock still wears out eventually and will need to be replaced. If you need locks changed or re-keyed, contact us, we’re the best residential locksmiths in Melbourne.