Home security should be one of your top priorities, especially since it impacts upon the safety of your own loved ones. It is easy to make basic security mistakes that make it simpler for intruders to break into our residential property. Understanding the most common mistakes not only helps you to protect your home from burglars, but also puts you at ease when you are away on holiday, as you know you have taken the necessary measures.

Leaving the doors unlocked

This may sound like a silly mistake but it is considered one of the most common mistakes home owners make. The cause of this mistake is linked to our everyday habits. We often think to ourselves: ‘I will just pop out and be back in a few minutes’. Most of us leave the doors open when we go outside to throw out the garbage, check our mailbox or simply get something from the nearest milk bar. By the time you have left your door unlocked and got half-way down the street, burglars can have already snuck in easily. This can happen very quickly without you noticing because intruders might observe you for a long time before they attempt a break-in. This also applies to people who live in apartment buildings. Although security cameras are installed, you often don’t find out that burglars have been lurking around your building and planning a break-in until it’s too late.  Intruders may spend quite some time learning about your daily routine in order to figure out the right time to sneak in.

Hiding a spare key

The second most common mistake that house owners make is to hide a spare key outside. Common hiding spots include under flower pots, under the welcome mat or a fake rock as well as inside the BBQ grill. It is easy for burglars to identify your ‘secrets’ if they watch your daily movements for long enough. Next time you want to find a safe place for your spare key, let your loved ones look after it such as your best friend, boyfriend or a family member. If you happen to lose your house keys, they will have your spare ready on hand. Otherwise, you can always call a reliable 24/7 locksmith service like Melbourne City Locksmiths to unlock your door and get you back in.

Showing people outside what you have inside

It is always exciting to buy something new for your home and display it nicely in the living room or kitchen. However, be careful not to put these valuable items in plain sight because it can be an open invitation for burglars. Always remember to put your window shades down before leaving your home so that nobody can see your prized possessions from the outside. Furthermore, when unpacking new electronic items you have just received, pay attention to the containers or boxes you place in the recycling bins. You need to ensure these boxes are covered or stay inside the bins properly. Another tip is to put them out the night before garbage collection day to make sure they are collected and taken away the following day.

Making your valuable possessions visible around your house

Cash, phones, tablets, jewellery, laptops, and car keys are among the most common items burglars steal from homes. Home owners often leave these valuables around the house in plain sight. It is important that you make these items as invisible as possible or keep them in safe places in your house.  A good solution is to get a top of the range safe and lock your possessions in it before you go away. Melbourne City Locksmiths also offers mobile services for safe installation and repairs, which come in handy if you want to improve your home security.

It is important for you to know more about these common mistakes to avoid making them and safeguard your home and property. At Melbourne City Locksmiths, we care for your safety. Therefore, we provide the most reliable service with our well trained professional team available 24/7. Whether you want to upgrade your home security, install a new alarm system or simply change the front door lock, you can call us anytime on 1300 788 446.