Top 3 common locksmith myths debunked



There are times when you are stuck outside your vehicle, get locked out of your own house or forget to bring the keys to get into the office. When this happens you might get frustrated or start panicking because you realize it is unsafe to be outside alone, especially since it’s getting late. Sometimes you are able to locate a spare key to get back inside. More often than not, you will need to pick up your phone and call a locksmith. If it is your first time calling a locksmith, you may have a lot of doubts about how much you should be charged for the service, how long it normally takes for locksmiths to arrive, or whether the company you have contacted are reliable and certified.

Let’s debunk some of the most common myths around locksmiths, so you can make a more informed decision next time you need a locksmith service.

Myth 1: All locksmiths are certified.

Wrong. Some locksmiths are still learning during their apprenticeship and don’t yet have formal certificates. You could even be unlucky enough to encounter people masquerading as locksmiths who are actually experienced burglars and looking for ways to con customers and access their home premises. Some services might not be registered with the federal police or any professional locksmith bodies. Therefore, it is extremely important to check your locksmiths’ qualifications or registration on paper before letting them unlock your property. The best solution is to call a reputable locksmith company such as Melbourne City Locksmiths whose services are registered with all relevant legislation requirements to be safe.

Myth 2: Locksmiths work from 9 to 5.

Wrong. Nowadays, the majority of locksmith services are made available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to increase their competitive advantages. Most locksmith companies offer emergency and mobile services for any lockout situations. Most locksmiths will respond quickly to your emergency calls and arrive within minutes to solve lockout problems.

Myth 3: All locksmith services are the same.

Not quite. Although locksmiths share the same profession, not all of them offer the same service. The locksmith industry has evolved into a variety of areas of expertise such as automotive services, residential services, commercial services, CCTV installation, security system control and so on. Hence, some locksmiths are more experienced in automotive locks while others are experts in security system installation for home premises. Furthermore, the quality of different services varies depending on the company’s policy of recruiting locksmiths. Some companies require highly skilled and well trained locksmiths with years of experience while others are self-registered with less experience and qualifications.

Melbourne City Locksmiths pride ourselves in our reliability and professionalism with a diversity of services to can choose from. We guarantee rapid responses times for all emergencies, anytime you need. All of our staff are fully registered and well trained with at least 10 years of experiences in their profession. Contact us today on 1300 788 446 and let us take care of your lock and security needs.