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Lock Out Emergency in Melbourne?

melbourne city locksmiths - lockedout emergency webSave your worries mate, Melbourne City Locksmiths is just a phone call away!

Who wants to have lock emergencies – Nobody. Yet, when being locked out happens to us – it is actually easy. Just call a trusted locksmith. Getting locked out of the house, apartment, office or vehicle is a stressful occasion.

The stress can even be multiplied if you do not know what to do or whom to call. Much worse if the locked out emergency happens to you in the middle of the night or if you are driving and is about – your get locked out from your vehicle in the middle of nowhere! Without the skill set of a tradie or a professional locksmith, it can be virtually impossible to gain entry into your home, apartment, office or vehicle. Quickly remedy the situation by calling your friendly locksmith.

There are a number of apartment buildings located around Melbourne City where security is very high. Places like Bourke Street, Spencer Street, and Collins Street are examples of extremely difficult security to get into if you have been locked out.  The apartment doors in these places are either using keyless locks or the locks simply can’t be picked. Resolve your lockout problem with Melbourne City Locksmith.

Melbourne City Locksmiths Mobile Service

Our technicians are specially trained to gain access to any types of locks. Moreover, we have also worked out the best way of doing so without destroying your door lock hardware or the door itself.

Melbourne City Locksmiths Mobile Locksmith Cost

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The cost for Melbourne City Locksmith will depend on the time of the day you call. We give 100% guarantee that we will be able to get you in.

Mobile Locksmith Day Cost

Between 9am and 5 pm mobile locksmith cost is around $99 to $125 (domestic customers only)

Mobile Locksmith Night Cost

At night mobile locksmith cost $165 to $185 depending on location. The difference with our lockout service is that we promise we know what we are doing and we are coming straight away.

We do not allow cancellations once booking is made.

We accept Visa card, Master card or cash. Direct debit can be done as well with pre-approval. The normal waiting time is normally between 5 mins up to 45 minutes. We average 25 minutes. If you phone us for a quote the time starts when you book the job. Please note, quotes may vary if our locksmiths need to travel away to get to you. The wait time can be longer than usual.

Melbourne City Locksmith, unfortunately, can not provide swipe passes for access to the lift or control doors.

If you need emergency lockout service assistance, please don’t hesitate to call and request a mobile locksmith on 1300 788 446 right away!