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If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in Melbourne, you have found them. Melbourne City Locksmiths are quick, efficient and professional and we work on all kinds of locks be they in homes, cars or in commercial properties. Before we tell you what we can do for you, it’s worthwhile to take a moment and talk a little about what a mobile locksmith is. It is a locksmith who travels to clients locations to help them with their locks there. They can install and repair locks including deadlocks, spring locks, combination locks and automotive locks. We offer several different services at Melbourne City Locksmiths and here are some of the things that we can do for you.

Burglar Alarm Systems

These alarms come in 2 types, wired and wireless. They also come with a battery pack in case of power interruptions. They can malfunction though, and they will go off when there is no intruder. This can be alarming as well as irritating. If your alarm system keeps tripping, call us and we will repair for you. We also work with infra-red systems. If they are going off without a trigger, we correct them for you. Our team also works on CCTV systems both inside and outside of premises; we can install, repair and maintain.

Restricted Key Systems

Some areas in the workplace are restricted. You don’t want employees who are not allowed access to go into these areas. That is why you need to install restricted key systems. You may also need them because former employees may not have turned in their keys when they were leaving. Areas where records and cash are also sensitive and may need restricted key systems. Melbourne City Locksmiths has experts on their team who are able to install these kinds of system in both big and small businesses. We make sure that only the people who are authorised have the keys so that you can track in case there is a breach.


Your safe is very important. Not only do you use it to hold valuables, you use it to store important documentation. We install all kinds of safes in both residential and commercial properties. We also repair safes. If you notice that the door to your safe won’t lock, or that you cannot open it, don’t panic. It most likely is nothing but a malfunction. Call us and we will get it to open and shut correctly. We will also advice you on whether you need to buy a new safe. Old safes get less and less secure because they get easier to breach. More modern safes also come with excellent technology for better security.

Rekeying Services

Rekeying means that you want all your door locks altered so that they can all be opened using one key. It is much cheaper than replacing all the locks in the home or in the office. We are the mobile locksmith in Melbourne that you want for this kind of a job. Just call Melbourne City Locksmiths and we will be there shortly. We work fast so that we are not in your way for long.

Lock Installation & Repairs

Weak locks are just as bad as no locks – they are a hazard. If you need to have a new lock installed or an old one repaired, just call us and we will get the job done. We understand what it means not to have locks so we work fast so that you can secure your home or your commercial premises in the shortest possible time. We buy all our locks and other equipment from the world’s topmost lock vendors so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the locks that we install for you; in fact, few mobile locksmiths in Melbourne can match the quality of locks that we have. You can expect to choose from including Lockwood, Whitco, Guardian, Gainsborough, Bosch and DSE.

What else can you expect to get from Melbourne City Locksmiths? There are several things that we make sure all our clients get to enjoy:

  • You can expect to enjoy speed. As soon as you call us, a locksmith is on his way to you in minutes. When they get there, they work fast so that they can get the job done and be out of your way.
  • You can expect to get honesty. We have never had a client complain that they have lost something while we were in their homes or commercial properties. We have also never had a client complain that someone came back and burgled them after we worked on their locks or alarm systems. We have done all the necessary background checks on all our locksmiths and we always hand you all the keys when we are done.
  • You can expect to get expert, professional service. We are members of the relevant locksmith governing body, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia or MLAA. They are charged with making sure that locksmiths are professional and that they have the necessary training. All members are tested rigorously and they must be qualified under the State and Territory Security Industry Legislation.
  • You can expect to get the highest confidentiality; nothing we see or hear in your home is divulged to anyone.
  • Finally, you can expect to pay very fair prices; we have made sure that Melbourne City Locksmiths remains competitive amongst Melbourne locksmiths.

Contact us today and let us be your locksmith of choice.