10 Security Checks For Your Home

Security Checks For Your Home

Moving into a new home, whether you’re a new homeowner or you rent, comes with security issues. You want to be as secure as possible, and our ten security checks for your home helps to ensure that your entire family will be safe and secure.

Door Security Fittings You Can Add to Your Door Lock

Locksmith Door FittingsBoost your door security with these door fittings

Protect your door, keep it secure and safe for your family.  Along with your door lock and the basic door elements, you increase your security efficiently.

However, though door controlling mechanisms help keep uninvited guests, it is also important to see how we should deal with callers at the door. So, how must one answer a call at the door?

First thing, peer through the door’s glazed panel or door viewer (if you have one). Or go to a window where you have a view of the caller. If it’s a friendly face then you can open the door.

Winter Dock Lock Problems

melbourne city locksmith - frozen door lockAre you stuck with a frozen lock?

We have here some tips to prevent winter door lock problems.

During winter door locks tend to turn sluggard and faulty which can be incredibly frustrating and annoying. This may be due to moisture inside the lock that makes it hard or caused by an accumulation of dirt and oil over a long period of time.

Locksmith Near Me in Melbourne

melbourne city locksmith - lockmith near me24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services around Melbourne

Mobile locksmith ready to serve you around Melbourne every minute of every day
Have you been locked out of your home, office or car?

One way to immediately remedy the situation is to do an internet research like what everyone does this modern day. You can simply type the words ‘locksmith near me‘ or simply ask Siri or Google.  The search will get you some results and locksmith services for you to contact. However, the next question would be – do you know which one to call? You can reply on Melbourne City Locksmiths!

Various Kinds of Business Locks

melbourne city locksmith - business locks

Which type of lock is perfect for your business?

Find out the good and the bad of the different types of locks for business.

Owning a physical business means you have heaps to keep secure. You have to keep safe the building in which your business is located. The building houses everything from valuable office electronics, to legal documents, or money, and must be safeguarded as much as possible.

To keep your building secure, you need to use high-quality locks. There are many kinds of locks for businesses, all of which offer have advantages and snags.

Garage Security

melbourne city locksmith - garage securityKeeping your Garage Safe

Most people do not only keep cars in the garage, they also store a range of power tools, expensive sports equipment and various other valuables which are highly sought after by burglars. Whether your garage is attached to your property or separated from your house, the contents could be at risk if the garage is not secured.

Heavy Locks
The majority of burglars are opportunistic and are anticipating an easy win. Seeing a heavy duty lock on a garage door could easily deter a burglar.

Motion Sensors
Many burglars strike at a property when residents are distracted, so the installation of motion-triggered security lights will ensure any movement around your garage will not go unnoticed.

Keeping Your Windows Secure

melbourne city locksmith - window securityWindows Security

We all want to make our home, office, and business as secure as possible. It is pretty standard to invest in the best security for the front door, back door, and security cameras etc. However, we may be ignoring one main security breach….your windows.

There are several things you can do to secure your windows, as well as measures you can take with your windows to keep your family and business safe.

Master Key VS Re-key

melbourne city locksmiths - master key vs rekeyCorporate Security: Master Key VS Re-key

(from MLAA)

When it comes to commercial security needs, keys are always at the very heart of the matter.

How many keys do we require? How do we manage and distribute the keys? Should staff be able to access all areas of the building? What are our security risks?

These are all questions that confront business owners, landlords, property managers, body corporates and the like when assessing their keying and security requirements.

A Master Key System may be the answer you’re seeking!

Roller Shutter Security

Get Serious with Home Security: Roller Shutter Locks

melbourne city locksmiths - roller shutter locksEvery homeowner takes home security seriously. But in our troubled times, security is being threatened more than ever as residents are being exposed to a new kind of trepidation–home invasions! 

This is a daunting reality, even in Melbourne, VIC.

There are many ways in which we can protect our home and family. Alarm systems, fences, locked gates, dogs, security screens and CCTV just to name a few. The objective put simply is to “stop thieves from entering the home”. Yet these items fail may not be enough to do this.

Winter Home Security

Protecting Your Home From Burglars During Winter

It is a known fact that crime during the winter months increases, particularly burglaries.melbournecitylocksmiths - winter burglary

Statistically, you’re most likely to be burgled at 5pm on a Friday afternoon in October and least likely to be broken into just after midnight on a Sunday in February.