Commercial security: Why does it matter?

Business Security Systems

In professional business environments, security of the commercial premises needs to be prioritized. An effective security system protects your business’ assets and privacy, and guarantees a safe working environment for your employees. Each of these elements have a major impact on your business success. Most business owners find it beneficial to install building security to deter burglars and reduce the risk of other common criminal activities including shoplifting and vandalism. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is crucial to install a reliable and secure security system for your business.

Reduction in insurance cost

A reliable security system for your building may provide your business with intangible benefits beyond just physical protection. When you apply for building insurance, you may face less hassles during the assessment process thanks to the presence of a security system on your premises. Ensuring your building has an adequate security system can minimize the risk of damage to your property which means less costly business insurance claims.  Moreover, you may receive favourable discounts from insurance companies on your monthly premiums based on coverage of your alarm or security system at your commercial premises.

Reduction in crimes: shoplifting, vandalism, theft

Recent research suggests that surveillance cameras as part of an overall safety or security strategy do have the potential to reduce crime. Whatever size your company is, it is wise to install CCTV systems together with a highly secure building access and alarm system. If you are operating a retail business, this should be one of your top priorities as shoplifting is the one of the most common forms of crime and cost retailers billions of dollars every year. By installing CCTV outside of your business you could potentially prevent vandalism and detect suspicious behaviour. Installing CCTV indoors can enhance the integrity of your employees and allow management to remotely monitor their behaviour. Furthermore, disputes among employees can be solved more effectively and fairly thanks to camera footage rather than relying on each party’s version of the events.

Prevention against fraud

A visible CCTV system can protect your business against fraud or false claims by deterring potential fraudsters through the possibility of being caught on camera. There are a variety of fraud-related consequences your organization can fall victim to including loss of revenue, increased operating expenses, decreased productivity, privacy breaches, damaged relationships with employees and partners. Besides installing surveillance cameras, a regularly updated management plan which offers sufficient training for employees plays an essential role in the success of fraud prevention for business.

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