How your locks can affect insurance

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We all want our homes to be safe, and because of that, investing in quality locks on our doors and windows is a smart idea. However, the type of locks you choose may also have an impact on your home and contents insurance; depending on your property, it can help to reduce your premiums, and there may be clauses if the locks you’ve chosen aren’t sufficient. If you’re looking to insure your home, but you’re worried your locks aren’t up to scratch, check out these top tips for getting your property in shape, and make sure to call in a residential locksmith in Melbourne.

Exterior doors

Whether you have French doors, a solid wooden door or sliding screens on your home, any exterior door to the property should have a deadlock or deadlatch on it. Both of these locks are double-locking and are some of the safest ways to secure your property. Depending on your doors, you can either attach these to the surface of your door, or you can mortice-mount them so the lock isn’t seen externally. Some doors will require a dead latch if there isn’t a thick enough door jam for a deadbolt lock.


Securing your windows will really depend on the kind of window you own. Some windows will need deadbolts or latches (like your doors), but no matter the window, they should all have key locks. This can be difficult if you have an older style Australian home, as a lot of hinged windows don’t already have key locks installed. Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to install security screens or a quality security system instead, if deadlocks aren’t possible.

Use the key

It’s all well and good to have deadbolts and secure locks on all of your external doors and windows, but unless you actually lock them with a key, it might not count! If you fail to lock your deadbolt with the key and you get burgled, your insurance company might not pay out.

To make sure you have the safest locks for your home, call in a professional for advice and installation. Melbourne City Locksmiths can help you install the correct locks for your home so you’re compliant with your insurance policy.