10 Security Checks For Your Home

Security Checks For Your Home

Moving into a new home, whether you’re a new homeowner or you rent, comes with security issues. You want to be as secure as possible, and our ten security checks for your home helps to ensure that your entire family will be safe and secure.

  1. Rekey Your Lock
    One of the first things you want to do is rekey your locks. If you don’t the previous tenants may have access, or your real estate agent may have a key as well. All of these things are security breaches, and you can take care of them by changing the locks and keeping your keys safe.
  1. Double Check Your Windows
    Your ground floor windows are more vulnerable to break-ins. You want to double check all of your windows. Check the locks and make sure that they work, and lock them when you leave.

Vulnerable To Break-ins

  1. Maintain a Working Alarm System
    Does your home have an alarm system in place already? If not, or if you don’t know which system the house already has, it’s important to install one. You can set it each night and each time you leave the house to keep it secure. Change the batteries annually.
  1. Get a Heavier Home Safe
    You may be tempted to get a smaller home safe to keep your valuables in. However, a smaller safe is easier for a thief to pick up and carry off. You can invest in a larger and heavier safe or bolt your current safe to the floor to secure it.Security Safes
  1. Upgrade Your Lighting
    Having great lighting both indoors and out is an excellent way to deter break-ins or burglars. You may want to consider installing motion sensor lighting outside by your garage and by your doorways. Check and change the bulbs annually or sooner.
  1. Upgrade Your Exterior Doors
    Yes, glass panes along your door and in your door add curb appeal to your home. However, they also make it easier to break in. If it’s possible, switch to heavy-duty doors and invest in a door brace. This can help your door withstand several hundred pounds of pressure.
  1. Add a Peephole
    A peephole is a relatively inexpensive security upgrade that can help to keep you safe. You won’t have to worry about opening the door to strangers and potentially letting someone into your home who means you harm. You can look out and double check who it is.
  1. Keep Your Garage Door in Good Working Order
    Your garage door should shut and lock. If you have a remote, change the batteries at least once a year so they’re always ready to go, and have routine maintenance done. Close your door each time you finish using it. This is an open invitation that you don’t want to extend.
  1. Know Your Neighbours
    When you move into a new place, take a walk around your neighbourhood and get to know your neighbours. They can help watch your house for suspicious activity when you’re not home or on off on holidays. They can also tell you if they see any odd people around your home.
  1. Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors
    The final tip we have is to secure your sliding glass doors. They’re easy entry points for burglars. You can get specialised locks for them. Even a length of wood wedged between the door and wall will help to keep them closed.
    Specialised Locks

These ten quick tips can help you keep your home safe and secure. If you’d like help switching out your locks, or if you’d like more tips, contact us at Melbourne City Locksmiths today!

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