Preventing Burglaries When You Are Away on Holiday

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Do not risk your home or business looking unattended.

During the holiday season whilst you are taking your well-deserved break – offenders are on high duty alert.

This will surely invite burglars to break and enter. Unattended property is a major burglary magnet and target.

We’ve compiled things you can purposely do to make your home safer, deter offenders and prevent burglaries even when you are away on holidays.

The key? Is Continued activity! Carry on with your daily routines – present the feeling or idea that you are in full business operation.

Maintaining and keeping your home or business as normal-looking as possible is very crucial. 

How do burglars get into your home?

According to burglar statistics, in most cases, criminals enter your home in the same way that you do, through the front door. This was the entry point of choice in 34% of burglaries. A first-floor window was chosen in 23% of cases and the back door was used in 22%. Garages are used to enter a home 9% of the time.

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Letterbox, Mailbox Keys and Locks

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Letterbox locks or mailbox locks in Melbourne are perhaps one of the most called for locksmith queries. Letterbox keys are generally not a priority and probably the last thing on the list when moving into a new home or office. It is often ignored and only gets noticed when you don’t have a key and can’t open one. This should not be the case.

Nearly all apartment units and homes in Melbourne have key locked letterboxes. Yet, despite this security measure, missing letters and letterbox theft are rampant. Brazen thieves are raiding suburban letterboxes – and victims often don’t even know they’ve been stung. The mail theft epidemic is targetting Paywave credit cards and identity theft documents. At times, spare front door keys and any keys for that matter are even taken out from these letterboxes. it is never wise to leave your house or car keys or any keys in your letterboxes.

Australian Home Security Gets Smarter

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The smart home will actually be a thing in Australia by 2021

New research says Australian households will be home to an average of 14 smart home products by 2021, and that the industry will be worth nearly $5B.

Australia has been behind the smart home curve, but it’s catching up. Australian homes are getting smarter by the day with smart fridges that compile your shopping list and live-stream your groceries, to smart doorbells that monitor your yard for intruders and dodgy mail deliveries.

Why Hiring a Locksmith Is Better than DIY

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First instinct might dictate you to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) when you have a broken lock or when you need to replace a broken one. It might seem practical, however, we bid you exercise some caution.

Locksmiths are Professionals

A professional locksmith can guarantee proper installation of a lock or a full security system. Professional locksmiths are trained to do this. Perhaps you might want to weigh the savings you get from going DIY compared to the risk of not doing it as appropriately as possible which can bring up security issues and possible expenses.

Hiring a locksmith could be the best decision you make in your home, business or vehicle security. 

Lockpicking Explained

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Lockpicking Defined

Lockpicking is the art of opening a lock through the analysis and manipulation of its components without using a key intended to open the lock. The process is generally non-destructive and covert and is contrasted with various forms of destructive entry. Lockpicking is a useful skill that can be a lifesaver when keys are lost or you’re locked out. The most common kinds of locks, tumbler locks, can be picked with simple tools, patience, and a little knowledge.

Latest Melbourne Crime Statistics

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The Herald Sun released these Victorian crime statistics last June.

Victoria’s crime epidemic continues to rise as the latest statistics show robberies have increased by a shocking 20 percent. Despite hopes that the law and order crisis will ease, crime in Victoria overall has increased by four percent in 12 months.

Emergency Locksmith Services for Melbourne Homes

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Urgently Need a Locksmith Help Now?

Melbourne Locksmiths offer a quick response to your for usual home lockout problems and emergencies with the seal of quality as per the Master Locksmiths Association (MLAA).

Do you require an emergency locksmith today?

Melbourne City Locksmiths got you covered!

Locksmith Costs in Melbourne

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A Simple Pricing Tip when Hiring a Locksmith in Melbourne

Getting locked out in the house or car or simply misplacing keys can occur anytime. So, it is handy to have a phone number of a dependable locksmith in Melbourne. Having a locksmith on your contacts can solve your predicament. A professional locksmith like Melbourne City Locksmiths can help you fast!

Useful Info on Home Burglaries across Victoria

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One Victorian home is burgled every 15 minutes. – RACV

We did a little research online and found valuable information we thought is very useful for Melbourne homes.

One in 68 is the average number of home burglaries across Victoria according to the same source.