Latest Melbourne Crime Statistics

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The Herald Sun released these Victorian crime statistics last June.

Victoria’s crime epidemic continues to rise as the latest statistics show robberies have increased by a shocking 20 percent. Despite hopes that the law and order crisis will ease, crime in Victoria overall has increased by four percent in 12 months.

The rise has been attributed to increases in property and deception offenses.

Property and deception made up almost two in three of Victoria’s total offenses and was up 4.5 percent in 12 months. The most startling upward trends included dangerous and negligent acts endangering people (up 20.2 percent), theft (up 9.3 percent), justice procedures (up 20 percent) and transport regulation offenses (up 58.4 percent).

Among the worst was robbery with an extra 540 offenses committed, an increase of 19.6 percent.

A handful of Local Government Areas showed high increases in the number of offenses committed since March 2016. Ararat had the highest offenses rate, up 11.6 percent, followed by Latrobe (up 7 percent), Greater Shepparton (up 6.3 percent), Yarra (up 1.8 percent) and Melbourne (up 0.8 percent).

Police and the government pointed to reductions in key offense categories over the most recent quarter of data as signs of a turnaround in Victoria’s crime wave. Theft of motor vehicles fell 14.1 percent in the quarter compared with the previous three months. Theft from vehicles dipped 19 percent and aggravated burglaries were down 4 percent. But the categories were still up year-on-year.

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