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Letterbox locks or mailbox locks in Melbourne are perhaps one of the most called for locksmith queries. Letterbox keys are generally not a priority and probably the last thing on the list when moving into a new home or office. It is often ignored and only gets noticed when you don’t have a key and can’t open one. This should not be the case.

Nearly all apartment units and homes in Melbourne have key locked letterboxes. Yet, despite this security measure, missing letters and letterbox theft are rampant. Brazen thieves are raiding suburban letterboxes – and victims often don’t even know they’ve been stung. The mail theft epidemic is targetting Paywave credit cards and identity theft documents. At times, spare front door keys and any keys for that matter are even taken out from these letterboxes. it is never wise to leave your house or car keys or any keys in your letterboxes.

melbourne city locksmiths - letterbox locksWhen you happen to lose your letterbox keys or had them stolen our mobile locksmiths at Melbourne Locksmiths can deliver service right to your door. We can replace or make new keys for your letterboxes – ASAP! Supply and installation of a letterbox lock usually tab around $99 – $125 for a quality lock. It is also possible to improve the letterbox lock using a pin tumbler style key lock with the choice to have security keys fitted also.

Security keys are a lot more difficult to pick open and very difficult to defeat with a screwdriver. Security keys cost $225, fitted. It is also possible to have a digital combination lock installed to a letterbox. These digital combination locks have a three number code system. You can even pick your own number!

If you are the techy type you can get smart locks that can be conveniently connected to your mobile phone too open. Ask your friendly locksmith at Melbourne City Locksmiths about it today.

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