How do burglars get into your home?

According to burglar statistics, in most cases, criminals enter your home in the same way that you do, through the front door. This was the entry point of choice in 34% of burglaries. A first-floor window was chosen in 23% of cases and the back door was used in 22%. Garages are used to enter a home 9% of the time.

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From looking at burglary statistics, we see that most criminals head to the master bedroom first when breaking into a home. This is usually where jewelry, safes, cash and other valuables are held. The most common places for burglars to look for items in your bedroom are in dresser drawers, desks and in closets. Home offices are also a major target for burglars, as these rooms usually include electronics and other valuable items.

Money, jewelry, and electronics are by far the most frequently stolen items in home burglaries.