Why Hiring a Locksmith Is Better than DIY

melbourne city locksmiths - hiring a locksmith is better than DIY

First instinct might dictate you to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) when you have a broken lock or when you need to replace a broken one. It might seem practical, however, we bid you exercise some caution.

Locksmiths are Professionals

A professional locksmith can guarantee proper installation of a lock or a full security system. Professional locksmiths are trained to do this. Perhaps you might want to weigh the savings you get from going DIY compared to the risk of not doing it as appropriately as possible which can bring up security issues and possible expenses.

Hiring a locksmith could be the best decision you make in your home, business or vehicle security. 

Below are some good reasons why hiring a locksmith is better than DIY.

1. Locksmiths Know What They’re Doing

Because Melbourne Locksmiths are professional locksmiths, our tradies are well-trained and can install any lock properly.  All work performed by Melbourne City Locksmiths is covered by warranty. The products we use are covered by the manufacturer’s terms (most have 12 months warranty) and all labour is covered by a 3-month warranty.

2. Locksmiths Have the Right Tools

Though it seems that changing a lock is – it can get complicated. It can be quick and simple for an experienced locksmith but not to a first timer DIY tradie wannabe. More than this, you need to have the right tools and the know-how to use them. Some locks even require specific equipment to avoid damage to your door.

3. Locksmith Can Present Helpful Advice

You can get a lot of value from hiring a locksmith as long as you are open. Our locksmiths can offer advice to ensure your property is safe from potential burglars from info on the good locks to buy all the way to smart home security tips.

4. Locksmiths Works Round-the-clock

We work round the clock, 24/7. We can help you at any time of the day whenever you lose keys, or when lock and security fail.  Melbourne City Locksmiths are on-call 24 hours a day for all types of locksmith work.

Hiring a Locksmith Is Indeed the Way to Go

DIY can be risky exercise when it comes to your door lock or installing a new one. Do not risk your property and loved one’s security not to mention the time and monies you could also lose.

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