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Locksmiths: a 4,000 year-old profession


Let’s imagine a world without locks.

Your front door would always be open to welcome ‘uninvited visitors’ from time to time. Banks would be so accessible and more vulnerable than ever. Security guards would become the highest paying jobs. Department store staff would be awake 24/7 to readily keep an eye on every customer. CCTV cameras would appear everywhere with wide-awake operators observing suspicious behaviors. On weekends, people would spend more time visiting the police stations than chilling at pubs, hanging out with friends or simply sleeping at home. What an insecure world it would become without locks!

Top 3 CCTV benefits you should know




In the past decades, the closed circuited television (CCTV) has been utilized broadly as an ingenious marvel to avoid criminal activities and keep surveillance records.

Locksmith Overcharging Is More Common Than You Think

It may have happened to you before. You have locked yourself out of your home or your car so you go online and find an emergency locksmith who claims they charge $20 or $30.

How To Choose An Expert Locksmith in Melbourne

melbourne city locksmiths - expert locksmiths in melbourne

Melbourne emergency locksmith services are a dime a dozen but it is important that you find a qualified and experienced locksmith when you need one. Although they all say that they are the best at what they do there are certain providers whose services are substandard, unreliable or overpriced.

Home Security Holiday Checklist

melbourne city locksmiths - home security holiday checklists

Nothing makes you feel more active and free than a really good holiday –  it’s can be great to get away from it all and stop worrying about your responsibilities for a little while. This isn’t the case for many Melbourne homeowners.

While we are away many of us constantly think about our homes and whether all our property is safe and secure. Customers often contact us because their homes have been broken into while they have been on vacation. Our locksmiths are some of the most experienced residential locksmiths Melbourne has to offer, and we have asked them for their top home security tips and created a checklist you can use to ensure your property will be safe while you are away.

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Home Security Tips From The Experts

As one of the best locksmith services Melbourne has to offer, we have come to understand that our home security customers fall into key categories.

Invest in better locks before it’s too late

There are people who call us because they are not feeling very confident about the security they currently have in their homes.

Emergency Locksmiths you can count on 24/7

Reliable Emergency Locksmith

Reliable Emergency Locksmith

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your home or office. Even in the digital age, traditional and conventional keys are still used for residential and commercial property entries. With the daily hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, however, we do tend to forget a number of crucial items. This includes keys, along with wallets and other necessities.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Locksmith


Local locksmiths are like local security

Although many people around the world believe that the chief reason why locksmiths exist is to open locked doors, this is simply not true. Locksmiths do a lot more than this and they are vital in every community because simply put, they are in charge of security.

Your locksmith helps you keep your home, your business, your car, and even your property safes secure.

The Key Essentials When It Comes To Locksmithing

locksmith apprentice

Interested in becoming an expert locksmith?

There are certain skills and work experience needed to become a master in the locksmithing profession. Basically, locksmithing is an ancient practice which dates back to the central European Medieval era. During earlier times, there were only two things involved in this field. The lock and its key were the only two factors that a skilled locksmith needed to deal with during the ancient times. Such locks were completely handmade during that time period and the purpose of the key was just to open that lock.