Prevention is Better Than Cure: Home Security Tips From The Experts

As one of the best locksmith services Melbourne has to offer, we have come to understand that our home security customers fall into key categories.

Invest in better locks before it’s too late

There are people who call us because they are not feeling very confident about the security they currently have in their homes.

They may be looking to install deadbolts and other kinds of locks but are hesitant because of what they predict it will cost.

In most cases, we are able to convince the person enquiring that the cost of burglary losses will be far greater than the cost of upgrading their security and they choose to invest in better locks. Occasionally, we encounter a person who decides to convince themselves that they live in a safe neighbourhood and that the likelihood of their property being targeted is too low to make home security a priority.

Why wait for the worst to happen?

This brings us to our second category of home security customers – the victim of a burglary. They will often say that they considered installing better locks many times but they just didn’t get around to it. The losses and damage vary – some people lose very expensive items such as valuable jewellery and brand new laptops, others only lose minor items or experience minimal damage to their property. Either way, why wait for this to happen? The knowledge that there was an intruder in the home is enough to put anyone on edge – imagine them touching your most precious and private items. It is just easier, safer and cheaper to install strong, top quality locks to start with.

5 ways to prevent burglars from making you their next victim

In addition to better locks, we often advise our clients to take the following measures to better prevent breaches of home security:

  • Have a perimeter around your home and a gate that you can lock.
  • Foliage near the home is a prime place for a burglar to conceal himself. Make sure that bushes are trimmed and limit the number of trees in your compound where possible.
  • When you make major purchases such as TV’s and other electronic devices do not put the carton in the trash – it’s a dead giveaway to prowlers.
  • Install an alarm whenever possible. Post a sign that says that you have one. If you don’t have an alarm, just a warning that you do or “Beware of dogs” may be enough to deter intruders.
  • Broken screens make for easy access. If you have screens on windows or doors which are broken or loose make sure you repair or replace them right away.

All of the above home security tips are important whether you own the home you live in or are renting – in most cases the property inside your house or apartment belongs to you.

Speak to our friendly team on 1300 788 446 about our residential Locksmith Melbourne services and we’ll help to make sure your home really is your castle, or at least as safe as one.