The omnipresence and emergence of technology have continuously shifted our lives and changed the ways we do things. Technology innovation has significantly influenced different industries globally. Every day technological applications of all kinds are being enhanced to make our lives easier, from 3D printing to wearable tech. But due to the rapid pace of hi-tech development it can be difficult for all of us to stay on top of the constant updates and learn about these applications.

Although the locksmith profession was established 4,000 years ago, locksmiths have now progressed to master various different roles and tasks in order to keep up with the changing demands in the market. Locksmiths must stay up to date with ongoing technology trends while always being on the lookout for future innovation. Qualified locksmiths are not only experts in doors and locks, they are also professional security system advisors and technicians who can install your alarm system and improve security access to improve your home safety.

Here are some popular technology trends contributing to major advances in the locksmith industry today:


The growing popularity of smart phone apps has paved the way for the smart lock to become the next big thing. Although smart lock technology was invented years ago, it has taken quite some time for the majority of us to incorporate the use of these applications into our everyday lives. There is a variety of market leaders already specialising in smart lock manufacturing including UniKey, August, Yale Real Living, Goji, Haven and Lockitron. With the arrival of the smart lock we have seen lock technology evolve far beyond traditional mechanical locks and keys. Smart locks allow you to easily gain access their property using smart phone apps. This is why locksmiths need to have well-rounded knowledge from a wide range of technological gadgets to deal with clients’ problems in emergency cases.


This technology is broadly applied in the automotive industry. The Keyless entry remote provides electric lock controlling access to a vehicle without any physical contact. Keyless entry has become a common feature among new car models since the majority of manufacturers have incorporated this technology into their products so as to provide added convenience for drivers. However, if car owners lose or damage their remote controls, they find themselves locked out of their vehicles. This is when you need a locksmith to resolve your automotive lock-out emergency. Keyless remotes are convenient yet difficult to replace. Locksmiths need to understand automotive mechanisms thoroughly in order to be able to unlock your vehicle in emergency situations.


Card access systems are now utilised extensively at office and apartment buildings. The system is usually integrated with the alarm system to maximize security to building access. There are various entrance layers designed to allow different types of access to the buildings including complete access and restricted access to certain credentials. As a result, locksmiths have expanded their professions into areas of security system installation, maintenance and upgrades.

Nowadays, locksmiths require knowledge outside of their profession and must stay on top of new trends and technological developments in order to enhance their competitive advantage and keep up with the current market demands.

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