Home Security Holiday Checklist

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Nothing makes you feel more active and free than a really good holiday –  it’s can be great to get away from it all and stop worrying about your responsibilities for a little while. This isn’t the case for many Melbourne homeowners.

While we are away many of us constantly think about our homes and whether all our property is safe and secure. Customers often contact us because their homes have been broken into while they have been on vacation. Our locksmiths are some of the most experienced residential locksmiths Melbourne has to offer, and we have asked them for their top home security tips and created a checklist you can use to ensure your property will be safe while you are away.

Install a Home Security System

The first thing that you should do is have a home security system installed. It is an investment in your home which can save you a lot of grief. Once it is in place it is a good idea to display signs at the front and back entrances of the home saying that you have an alarm. When burglars see the signs they may be deterred from attempting a break-in.

Contact the Post Office

Before you leave, you should ask the post office to hold all your mail until you are back from holiday. Burglars will assume that there is no one home when they see overflowing letterboxes. Arrange for the post office to hold your mail from the day you leave and then pick it up upon your return.

Purchase an Automatic Light Timer

An automatic light timer can also be very useful when you are away on holiday. You can find these devices for less than twenty dollars at your local hardware store and they have the potential to save you thousands of dollars if they prevent a burglary. You should install one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in each of your bedrooms. You will need to set them so they come on automatically that at dusk.

Ask a Neighbour to Move Your Car

Leaving your car in the same spot for days or weeks on end is never a good idea. If you don’t have a garage where you can keep it away, ask a neighbour to do you the favour of visiting each day and moving it to a different spot so that it appears as though you are home. You might like to give your neighbour a bottle of wine or box of chocolates to thank them for helping you out.

The Better Quality Your Locks Are the Safer Your Home is

Last but definitely not least, it’s essential that you have the top quality locks installed by experienced locksmiths. The better quality a lock is the harder it will be to breach. Don’t forget to install locks on your windows as well.

Talk to our friendly team today about upgrading your locks and you will be able to relax next time you go on holiday, knowing your home is as safe as can be.