Safeguard your House from Burglars – infographic

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Home Security Infographic

Below is a superb infographic that we have obtained online via a UK professional locksmith. We are sharing this piece of informative material with valuable tips to enable you to shield your home from robbers.

What to do before getting a locksmith

melbournecitylocksmiths - hiring a locksmithHiring a Locksmith Tips and Trick

Surely you have heard and read about heaps of locksmith advice, tips and tricks. But here is one about what to do before hiring or getting the services of a locksmith.

Do a research before hiring a locksmith. You’ll want to make sure that they are genuine. Next check their track record and customer testimonials. They would have good reviews if they are reliable.

Door Problems to Watch Out for

Door Problem = Security Issue

A door lock is a mechanical accessory and just like any other mechanical equipment – it can have issues.

Homes or businesses experiences these issues. How these issues are responded to can impact the security level of the homes or business. Below are some of the most common door problems to watch out for. These door issues must be addressed immediately in order to protect the security of your property.

Loose Door Knobs or Handles.

Generally after much continued use, door knobs and door handles can become loose. This usually happens to main entrance door knobs and door handles. Whilst seemingly minor and simple this can easily become a major security risk.

Advantages of Front Door Peephole Camera

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Front Door Security Camera

Our modern world can be a dangerous place. In today’s changing times’ your family’s safety and security is everyone’s priority. For your total peace of mind, relying on traditional security fixes like having tough and strong locks is no longer enough.

Everyone seems to need additional security measures. Your top priority would surely be your front door. It is strategic and the most important as it is the primary entry point of your house. It is smartest to reinforce this part of the house. How? The best way is through a peephole. A peephole is one of the most popular ways people used to reinforce their doors for the longest time.


Apartment Security Tips

melbourne city locksmiths - apartment security

What you can do to Secure your Apartment

When people talk about incidents of burglaries, most would think of home security systems and houses are mostly the first of buildings to come to mind. But did you know that according to statistics, apartments are actually 85 percent more likely to be burgled than single-family home?

This is why apartment security should be a priority because it is very important for landlords and tenants alike.

However, the bigger responsibility of guaranteeing that your apartment is secure would lie on the tenants part. Discriminating renters are likely to look for apartment complexes with high security.

How to keep your door locks efficient

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Ways to Maintain Door Locks in Good Working Order

Putting in new bolts on your entryway can get expensive. That is the reason its best to figure out how to keep up your entryway bolts so you can get “more” years of utilization out of them. Think about the accompanying tips:

Any new installation in your home even door locks can become expensive. So it is best to know how to keep your door locks in top shape so you can benefit from them more years in usage.

Advantages of Hiring an Expert Mobile Locksmith

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Locksmith Emergencies? We got you covered

The vast majority never consider a lockout circumstance until they’re amidst a circumstance. All of a sudden, you end up gazing through your window at your auto keys or considering how you cleared out your home keys in your room after you’ve exited the entryway. This is the time when it’s great to hire a versatile mobile Melbourne locksmith.

These administrations work as versatile workshops that make crisis roadside calls, flying out to homes and organizations. They are regularly authorized and prepared to work to settle any lockout circumstance and convey all the essential gear to play out an assortment of arrangements. There are a few advantages of utilizing a versatile locksmith benefit versus a standard locksmith.

New Year Home Security Resolutions

melbourne city locksmiths - New Year Home Security Resolutions

Safekeeping your Home this 2018

JANUARY traditionally is a time for lodging resolutions. This dauntless list of include signing up to the gym, trying to eat more healthily, quitting bad habits and setting new goals.  The New Year is also the best time to get your house in order and check if your security is up to scratch.

Before you begin surveying your home security, take advantage of some expert advice by asking a professional locksmith to carry out a security assessment. This will involve inspecting the exterior of your property for any damage to doors or windows, and checking all locks and any fitted security alarms are working properly and are insurance requirement compliant.

Home Security Checklist

melbourne city locksmiths - home security checklist

Find out if your home is safe

Like most homeowners, you may not know about all of the things that would make your home vulnerable. This home security checklist will help you evaluate possible weaknesses in your home so that you can identify and fix areas that will help burglar-proof your home.

Is your home secure? Go through these questions to find out how your house fare with standard home security.

Happy Holidays from the team at Melbourne City Locksmiths

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Happy Holidays from the team at Melbourne City Locksmiths!