New Year Home Security Resolutions

melbourne city locksmiths - New Year Home Security Resolutions

Safekeeping your Home this 2018

JANUARY traditionally is a time for lodging resolutions. This dauntless list of include signing up to the gym, trying to eat more healthily, quitting bad habits and setting new goals.  The New Year is also the best time to get your house in order and check if your security is up to scratch.

Before you begin surveying your home security, take advantage of some expert advice by asking a professional locksmith to carry out a security assessment. This will involve inspecting the exterior of your property for any damage to doors or windows, and checking all locks and any fitted security alarms are working properly and are insurance requirement compliant.

Consider these goals for great peace of mind this 2018 and beyond:

  • Any kind of visible disrepair like broken windows will stand out to would-be thieves and could act as a marker, identifying your property as a potential target should be replaced or improved.
  • Maintenance is vital, rusted locks and chains, cracked panes of glass, rotten frames and sills are all items that opportunistic thieves look out for so it’s essential to perform a regular and thorough maintenance check.
  • Finances are stretched over Christmas and throughout January, but it is worth remembering that investing in quality security items now may save you money, not to mention heartache in the long term by preventing a potential burglary.
  • Consider using exterior motion sensor lighting to expose anyone lurking around your property. These or external dusk-till-dawn lights deter thieves and alert neighbours to any unwelcome activity, whereas indoor light timers effectively give the impression that someone is at home (ensure one is placed upstairs).
  • Make sure that any security features you invest in are of good quality, saving you money in the long-term and increasing the longevity. For a list of security products that have been independently tested to help secure your property, visit:
  • January may not be the perfect time for a spot of gardening – but by cutting back any overgrown hedges, trees and bushes that can provide cover for burglars can be a simple, cost-effective way of improving security.
  • It might even be worth considering gravelling a drive or pathways – as the noise underfoot attracts attention and could deter intruders.
  • Always ensure you lock any tools and items like ladders etc. away in a secure place. Potential thieves can use these to break into your house, so consider storing them away in a secure shed or outbuilding.
  • It is also important to review the security of your outbuildings including, replace any rusted or damaged locks, ensure all windows and doors are sealed and in good condition. Anchoring down your ladders/tools can also add an extra line of defense.
  • It is also worth considering when your locks were last replaced, where past owners or tenants may still have access to your home and if anyone might have copied keys without your knowledge. If you’re worried, ask a professional locksmith to change your locks fitting patented locks to provide extra protection for key security.
  • Burglars know to look for the hidden door key near the front entrance, so don’t hide spare keys under rocks or flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbour. Also never leave keys indoors or within easy view/reach of doors.