Home Security Checklist

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Find out if your home is safe

Like most homeowners, you may not know about all of the things that would make your home vulnerable. This home security checklist will help you evaluate possible weaknesses in your home so that you can identify and fix areas that will help burglar-proof your home.

Is your home secure? Go through these questions to find out how your house fare with standard home security.

Home Security Checklist

  1. Are any of your valuables visible from the street?
  2. Are your doors and windows visible from the street or from a neighbors view?
  3. Are your doors made of either solid wood or metal clad?
  4. Are your entryways and pathways well lit at night?
  5. Is your house number clearly visible from the street?
  6. Can you see who’s at the door without opening it?
  7. Do you have a cell phone in case of cut telephone wires?
  8. Do you have a neighbor who has a spare set of keys to your home?
  9. Do you have all your mail held at the post office when you travel?
  10. Do you have an emergency escape plan in case of a break-in?
  11. Do you have any yard signs or window decals that state your home is monitored?
  12. Do you have fire extinguishers easily accessible throughout your home?
  13. Do you have keyed deadbolt locks installed on all of your doors?
  14. Do you have motion-sensor lights installed?
  15. Do you have secondary locks on sliding glass doors or do you secure the door with a dowel on the inside track?
  16. Do you have secondary locks on your windows?
  17. Do you have timers on your lights?
  18. Do you keep an inventory of your personal property in case of theft?
  19. Do you keep medications out of sight?
  20. Do you keep your valuables stored in a safety deposit box or safe?
  21. Do you know your neighbors across the street and on all three sides of your home?
  22. Do you leave a house key under your door matt?
  23. Do you lock the gate(s) in your backyard?
  24. Do you lock up your grills, lawn mowers, bikes, or other outdoor valuables?
  25. Do you lock all doors at night and every time you leave the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes?
  26. Do you shred documents with personal information before disposing of them?
  27. Do your doors fit tight in their frames?
  28. Does your neighborhood have a watch program?
  29. Have all your doors been rekeyed since you moved in?
  30. Have there been any break-ins in the neighborhood recently?
  31. Have you secured any mail slots, dryer vents, or pet entrances that a burglar could enter through?
  32. Is your home’s exterior well lit?
  33. Is your street well-lit at night?
  34. Do you have a company that monitors your home alarm system?
  35. Do you have surveillance cameras?
  36. Do you have working carbon monoxide detectors?
  37. Do you have working smoke detectors?
  38. Do you store your ladders and tools in a locked garage or shed?
  39. Have you installed a home security system?

The list originally is from safewise.com