Apartment Security Tips

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What you can do to Secure your Apartment

When people talk about incidents of burglaries, most would think of home security systems and houses are mostly the first of buildings to come to mind. But did you know that according to statistics, apartments are actually 85 percent more likely to be burgled than single-family home?

This is why apartment security should be a priority because it is very important for landlords and tenants alike.

However, the bigger responsibility of guaranteeing that your apartment is secure would lie on the tenants part. Discriminating renters are likely to look for apartment complexes with high security.

For your safety please consider the following tips:

Home security systems. Today’s home security systems are mainly wireless and portable. These systems are now pretty easy to install.  All you need would be a permission to install one an in-apartment unit. Some home security system even comes with motion detectors. This protection feature for your apartment should not be highly considered. Wireless home security systems are non-invasive and are now inexpensive.

Peephole. Peepholes and viewfinders are essential items for controlling access to your door if you don’t have clear glass. It’s so much better to be able to see the person outside before you speak to them, let alone opening the door to them.  Require a peephole on your front door.

Door security. If the doors are glass-paned opposed to solid-core doors, then your potential landlord isn’t concerned about your security. Doors should have a knob lock and a deadbolt, and the doorjamb and hinges should be reinforced. You can do your own research to know your options. Door reinforcement prevents break-ins by upgrading and strengthening your deadbolt and lockset.

Surveillance cameras. Having one to 16 cameras with signage lets the bad guy know he’s being watched. Most camera systems nowadays can be remotely accessed with your mobile phone or tablet. Many homeowners find camera surveillance is a good solution to high crime rates. They serve as deterrents and help homeowners to feel safer and more secure. Camera surveillance helps to decrease crime because criminals do not want to be caught and identified on camera.

Bright lighting. Your cameras will work best with good bright lighting. Exterior lighting on the perimeter of your apartment unit lets the bad guys know they got nowhere to hide. (Bonus: Cockroaches hate light too.)

Parking lot fencing. Perimeter fencing for parking spaces is good to be at six feet high. It will be a great deterrent.