Winter Dock Lock Problems

melbourne city locksmith - frozen door lockAre you stuck with a frozen lock?

We have here some tips to prevent winter door lock problems.

During winter door locks tend to turn sluggard and faulty which can be incredibly frustrating and annoying. This may be due to moisture inside the lock that makes it hard or caused by an accumulation of dirt and oil over a long period of time.

Experts say it is necessary to lubricate your locks but oil should not be used.

So, what do you do when the weather freezes your door locks?

Hand Sanitizer

Frozen door locks are quite easy to handle with the right tools handy. A small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is all you need to fix a frozen lock.

Hand sanitizers work because they have alcohol content which melts the ice that makes the lock frozen. Evenly pour the sanitizer on the key and fidget the key in and out of the lock until it loosens up.

Heating your key
Another option to try is to heat your key. Heating your key, carefully, with a cigarette lighter (or a normal lighter, if you carry one), may work as well.

Another option that you can try is spraying some WD-40 onto the lock to loosen things up. This may take some time so patience is needed to let it work. Don’t try any flame-based methods of opening the lock after spraying WD-40. WD-40 is a highly flammable lubricant.

Stay calm
If you’re stuck outside late at night with a frozen lock, and without any lighters, lubricants or alcohol handy, don’t panic.

Stay in control and try warming the key in your hands. Work the key in and out, slowly and gently for a minute or two. If you have a front and a back door, try one of the other doors and see which door opens.

If nothing works you can always get your friendly neighbour’s help for some hot water or something to heat up the lock for a moment. Frozen doors are inconvenient, but with patience and creativity, you can get the door open. However, you can always call an emergency locksmith for help.

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