Keeping Your Windows Secure

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We all want to make our home, office, and business as secure as possible. It is pretty standard to invest in the best security for the front door, back door, and security cameras etc. However, we may be ignoring one main security breach….your windows.

There are several things you can do to secure your windows, as well as measures you can take with your windows to keep your family and business safe.

First, keep thieves from gaining access through your windows. Do not give burglars this window of opportunity.

Tip No.1  Lock your windows

A burglar is a cunning artist and are an intelligent opportunist. Any open window is like an open invitation to anyone walking past. You can have all the fancy gadgets, the most expensive glass and the securest frames, but if the window is left open or unlocked….it’s all useless.

Tip No.2  Put some locks on your windows

Invest in a good window lock will help to protect your home. You can install deadbolts and sash jammers, but your best option is to go for a bulky lock that can be seen from the outside. A burglar may see this and decide to move on. The stronger and sturdier your window frames look, the bulkier the lock  –  the less likely a burglar is going to attempt to gain entry through them.

Tip No.3  Reinforced your windows

There are a few ways to reinforce your windows using secure materials. You can either use tempered glass, laminated glass or safety glass or event bullet-resistant glass or wire mesh glass.

Tip No.4  Put some window bars

Not pretty to look and not as well the most popular option yet provides very effective security measure. However, some safety experts warn against putting bars as it means the windows are not secondary exit point during an emergency such as a fire.

Tip No.5  Have some window alarms and sensors

There are wired and wireless and wireless options that are effective burglar deterrents.

Tip No.5  Plant some thorns near your windows

Yes, that’s right, one more natural burglar deterrent is to plant some thorny bushes under your window (if you can). This can physically stop a burglar from reaching your windows and act as a deterrent, as it’s likely no one going to willingly drag themselves through painful thorns.

Along with window security, there are many aspects of your home security that you should consider and monitor. If you need additional locks or security fitted to your windows and home, do not hesitate in calling your friendly expert locksmith here at Melbourne City Locksmiths.