Roller Shutter Security

Get Serious with Home Security: Roller Shutter Locks

melbourne city locksmiths - roller shutter locksEvery homeowner takes home security seriously. But in our troubled times, security is being threatened more than ever as residents are being exposed to a new kind of trepidation–home invasions! 

This is a daunting reality, even in Melbourne, VIC.

There are many ways in which we can protect our home and family. Alarm systems, fences, locked gates, dogs, security screens and CCTV just to name a few. The objective put simply is to “stop thieves from entering the home”. Yet these items fail may not be enough to do this.

Roller shutters are the best form of prevention when it comes to home protection from would-be burglars. Many homeowners are now being exposed to “home invasions” where burglaries are taking place whilst the homeowner is even present.

Roller shutter locks are not just used in the home. Roller Shutters locks are used in government buildings, council amenities buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping centres or any commercial & industrial premises. These locks are ideal for use on any steel or aluminium roller shutter that may be a target for vandalism or forced entry.

Roller shutter security is an essential asset for any business when protecting shop windows and doors. Businesses need to make sure that their Roller Shutter Locks are manufactured to the highest quality.

The security systems need to be manufactured to combat the worst of weather conditions, as demand for their longevity and reliability is greater than ever before. Additional security support can be found when purchasing Roller Shutter Locks, along with bullet lock housing, which can both be installed in a shutter system’s guide rails.

There are 3 key features of a roller shutter that literally “stops burglars at the window

3 key features of roller shutter security:

  • Roller Shutters must lock once closed. There are  Roller Shutter has locking springs that prohibit the shutter curtain from being lifted from the outside once it is fully closed.
  • A strong and extruded bottom security bar. This is standard for some Roller Shutter and eliminates the curtain being pulled from the side guides.
  • Deep Channel Guides. Some Roller Shutters use a deep channel guide thus making it more difficult to pull the curtain from the guides.

Roller Shutters do many other things on a security level.

Roller Shutters offer a visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves, unable to see if you are home. A homeowner can ensure privacy by opening or closing the roller shutter at will. Insurance premiums can be reduced considerably where home security is increased. Insurance companies are now recognising the usefulness of roller shutters as a home protection product. It would be worth checking with your insurance company to see if you could benefit in a reduced premium.

Don’t be a statistic. Protect your home and family. Secure your Roller Shutters and locks and make your home safe and sound, Mebourne City Locksmith can help.