How to choose a good fire safe

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Keeping your valuables safe involves more than just the locks on your front door. Any good locksmith in Melbourne will tell you that a safe is never a bad idea. In particular, fire safes are preferable as they offer protection from more than just thieves. Choosing the proper fire safe entails several factors including size and lock type. Today, we’ll give you some helpful advice on both so that you can be sure you get the right fire safe for your needs.

We’re all going on a summer holiday

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In summer, estimates show that crime rates shoot up by over 10%. Why? Everyone’s out of the house on holidays, so burglars take the opportunity to access empty homes. Even when people are not away on holidays, people tend to be out of the house more, taking advantage of daylight savings and lovely weather.

Top tips to keep your house secure while you’re away

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Holidays are essential to our wellbeing, whether it be a weeklong trip to the coast, a two-week island getaway or a month long Mediterranean cruise. Wherever your choice of destination is it is important to safe proof your home while you are away.

Four ways to keep your house safe and secure this summer

melbourne city locksmiths - summer home security tips

Updated 16th December 2016:

Summer is a time of holidaying, fun and relaxation, but as the weather warms up, we tend to turn a blind eye to home security. In the midst of a heatwave, the last thing on your mind is the security of your home. So to keep your property safe and secure this summer, consider these four helpful tips.

Security tips for the home from a locksmith

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Whenever we go out to help someone with a security issue, we always make sure that our client has the most secure environment possible. We want to ensure that our friends and clients are doing everything they can to improve their own security.

Six ways to secure your business premises

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We go to great lengths to protect our home and our family, but what about our business? Here are some of our top tips to make sure that your business and employees are safe and secure:

How to choose a good deadbolt lock

melbourne city locksmiths - how to choose a good deadbolt

One of the most common issues that a locksmith in Melbourne might encounter is issues with deadbolt locks. Sometimes people have break-ins and it turns out that a faulty deadbolt was to blame. Knowing how to choose a proper lock can save you time and money in the long run. Today, we’ll give you a few tips to help you know which lock is the best to buy.

Tips for securely organising your keys

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Reorganising your keyring is a good way to save time and space fumbling for the right keys. Here are some tips for reducing, reorganising and simplifying your keyring.

Tips for choosing the right exterior door locks for your home security

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It’s crucial that you take the time to select exterior door locks for your home that provide the highest level of security for your family. There are numerous exterior door locks on the market that offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, but to assist you in finding suitable locks, we have provided these simple and easy tips.

Locks throughout history

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The use of locks to guard valuables and personal items stretches back 4,000 years, with a long history of industrious and ingenious methods used to secure items. Though many of these methods are outdated, it’s easy to see how locks have evolved over time, and we can still learn from the philosophies of early lock makers and locksmiths.