Tips for choosing the right exterior door locks for your home security

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It’s crucial that you take the time to select exterior door locks for your home that provide the highest level of security for your family. There are numerous exterior door locks on the market that offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, but to assist you in finding suitable locks, we have provided these simple and easy tips.

When you’re choosing a lock for your exterior doors, including front, garage or sliding glass doors, here are a range of locks that offer the highest levels of security.

Keyed entry function lock

This type of lock has an external key cylinder, while the thumb turn is located internally. As it can only be opened by key from the outside of your home when the door is locked, it is a good choice of lock for security.

For an additional level of security when installing a keyed entry function lock, you can also fit an auxiliary deadbolt. An auxiliary deadbolt comes in either a single or double cylinder. The single cylinder deadbolt can be opened by thumb turn on the inside of the door, or alternatively by key from the exterior of your home, whereas a double cylinder deadbolt can only be unlocked using a key from either side of the door, which offers further security as intruders can’t unlock your door, even if you have glass panels that they’ve managed to break.


A handleset is a door lock that incorporates both a handle and deadbolt combination. The handle allows your exterior doors to be opened quickly and easily, while the deadbolt provides a high level of security. Handlesets come in a variety of styles, to suit all types of doors.

Interconnected lock

Otherwise known as a mortise lock, these locks have a dwelling entry function and a deadbolt that can only be opened by key from both inside and outside your home, deterring intruders. The deadbolt and the latchbolt on this lock retracts by turning the knob, which enables a fast exit during emergencies.

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