Facts About Cabinet Locks

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What You Need to Know about Cabinet Locks

Cabinets are efficient storage solution for various kinds of goods. At home, everything can be stored conveniently in assigned spaces like valuable items such as documents, jewellery or money to everyday normal household things. Cabinets are good for keeping the home in organised. Cabinets can also be designed for industrial and commercial purposes.

Most cabinets have a lock or a locking system which is important to secure the items stored. Cabinet locks are not cheap but not also very expensive.  These locks come in different types and shapes matching every cabinet’s requirements and every buyer’s style and budget.

Why old locks need to be replaced

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The Dangers of Using Old Locks

Servicing Melbourne for years as a professional team of locksmiths, we always get customers who wish to change a lock in their house. Most homeowners need a long explanation why the locks need to be replaced especially when locks are still working. For most of us, we don’t really think of replacing old locks as long as they are still functional. This is not really good practice, as far as locks are concerned.

Based on our long specialist locksmith experience, even if door locks are still working, you may want to consider replacing them if they are old. Normal wear and tear affect lock efficiency. Old locks can become problematic when locking or unlocking doors. Older locks can also be dangerous as these can become more easy to tamper and pick.

Victoria Rentals Security and Locks

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Who Takes Care of Rental Security

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide locks on doors and windows that make rental premises secure. If the tenant or landlord change the locks, they must give the other party a copy of the new key as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for security and locks?

Providing Locks

It is the responsibility of the landlord to supply locks (or any other security devices) to ensure that the rented premises are secure. This means that the landlord must hand over the rented premises to the tenant in a secure state.

The landlord should provide a key to all the tenants under the agreement at the beginning of the tenancy agreement.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Problems?

sliding doorsDid you know that it only takes seconds for an experienced burglar to break into a home?

It’s true, and with thousands of property crimes in Melbourne, it is always wise to review and update your home security plan.

Even if you have already exerted effort, time and money to reinforce or lock your front door and windows, your home could still be vulnerable—especially if you have a sliding glass door. These kinds of doors are often left unsecured, making them a favourite target for burglars.

Smart Business Security Tips

Safeguarding your Business Smartly

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In a commercial environment, building security is critical for protecting the occupants of the building and your property. It is vital to secure your business to protect your prized possessions which include your products and your business valuables in the safe.

If you are not careful, or if you do it yourself some elements of security can be overlooked or assumed which can lead to huge losses. Poor security and lack of facility like CCTV systems can be as bad as lack of security altogether.

So what can you do to safeguard your business and all of your treasured items inside your business premises?

What to do if you cant lock a UPVC Door

Common Problems with UPVC Doors and Locks

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UPVC doors come in many shapes, colours, sizes and finish. They are attractive, durable, weather-resistant and low maintenance in terms of painting and varnishing requirements.

A common problem with UPVC doors occurs when you cannot or have difficulty locking them. Below explains why locksmiths get callouts. Some of these issues can be fixed by yourself but others will need a professional locksmith’s assistance.

The handle. If this is a new door or you are staying at a new property for the first time, check that you have pushed the handle up before trying to lock the door. This is the main standard, however, doors may differ. This is one of the most reported issues.

Securing Your Server Room

How to Secure Your Server Room

melbourne city locksmiths - server room securityPhysical access to the server room must be monitored and controlled regardless of the size, scope, or culture of any organisation. The server room is one of the most important physical places in an organisation. In most cases, “business as usual” critically depends on the investments in the server room. So how do you secure this vital zone of the business?

Lucky organisations have their server room as exclusive space yet many times, mostly due to space constraints, servers share space with storage, a workspace, or possibly someone’s office. In general, the larger organisations keep all places secure, and the smaller organisations have to make do with what’s available.

Tools to protect against unwanted access to your server room

There are many ways to restrict access to the area. The solutions range from door locks to sophisticated keycard systems.

Locks and Door Knob Types

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What Kind of Door Knobs and Locks is Best for You

The safety of your home is always a top priority for Australians. As professional locksmiths, we are committed to the security of our clients.

Whilst everyone knows that doors locks are a home’s first security point to keep unwanted people from entering your premises. You may not know that there are different types of locks. It is good to have a clear understanding of the differences between various types of locks and door handles especially if you are in the market of deciding to buy one for your home or business’s exterior or interior doors.

A general idea of what you need the lock and doorknob for will aid your buying decision to ensure that you are getting the right handle for your requirements. Prices for doorknobs varies heaps from a low of about $30 up to $800 and even more! In most cases, you get what you pay for. Quality locksets are finely machined from high-quality steel and brass and are beautifully plated with brass, bronze, chrome, or similar finishes.

Types Of Electronic Door Locks

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Smart Electronic Door Locks

Most electronic door locks come with one or more means of entry, which include RFID, keypad, biometric (fingerprint), or Bluetooth.

Early electronic locks

Early electronic locks use keypads with a pin number for entry. Keypads are still popular, although newer models use touchscreen panels instead of buttons and include security features to help prevent burglars from figuring out the code.

Digital Door Locks

The Good and the Bad of Digital Door Locks

Digital Door LocksDigital door locks are unique, keyless, programmable locks that can be used to secure an area of your home, from your garage to your front door, to your home office. There are several different types of digital door locks, each with its own uses. Learn the difference between them to determine which one is best for you.

Digital Door Lock Pros and Cons

Every digital door lock has its pros and cons, similar to the pros and cons of most standard locks. While pluses and drawbacks may be unique to specific locks, there are some broad considerations that match across the board.