Facts About Cabinet Locks

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What You Need to Know about Cabinet Locks

Cabinets are efficient storage solution for various kinds of goods. At home, everything can be stored conveniently in assigned spaces like valuable items such as documents, jewellery or money to everyday normal household things. Cabinets are good for keeping the home in organised. Cabinets can also be designed for industrial and commercial purposes.

Most cabinets have a lock or a locking system which is important to secure the items stored. Cabinet locks are not cheap but not also very expensive.  These locks come in different types and shapes matching every cabinet’s requirements and every buyer’s style and budget.

Types of Cabinet Locks and Latches

There are the cabinet and furniture locks: cam locks, deadbolt locks, interchangeable lock plug system, combination locks, gang locks, furniture locks, glass door locks, bypass sliding doors, electronic locks stealth lock, special application lock and lock accessories.

There are the cabinet and furniture catches magnetic catches, friction catches, touch catches, passage door stops, recessed catches, double door catch and specialty catches.

Other Cabinet Locks

There are also sliding door locks, filing cabinet locks, pin tumbler and drawer locks, bolt locks, keyway cabinet locks and showcase locks. In fact, there are even tamper-proof and even child-proof cabinet locks. Cabinet locks can be purchased via your local hardware shop or in online catalogues where you can browse and learn about specific details prior to purchase. Or you can simply contact Melbourne City Locksmiths.

Cabinet locks are for safekeeping but another essential consideration is to keep toddlers and young children from opening them and getting hurt. Kids can easily lay their hands on items that you do not want them to touch. But what you do not want happening is that they might squish their tiny fingers. So it is always best to keep cabinets locked securely for childproofing.

Cabinet locks for sliding glass doors can have ratchet bars and adjustable clamps. These are perfect for use when the doors are thick. They are suitable for display cases with glass doors. Then there are disc-tumbler locks that can be surface-mounted onto cabinet doors or drawers. There are also pin-tumbler metal drawer locks that are great for cabinets with metal or centre drawers.

Moreover, securing cabinets usually involves an interior latch that gets screwed into the cabinet. Or, you might install an external lock. It is for consideration though that internal latches might stop working after extended use while an external lock requires you to remember locking every time you open it. It should also be noted that it’s best to get locks installed at the same time of installation to save time and additional expenses. Or best ask assistance from your local locksmith.