Simple security tips to reduce the risk of a home burglary

locksmithmelbourne -simple home security tips to reduce burglary

Have you ever been the victim of a break and enter or robbery at home? Have you ever opened the front door after a long day at work or trip to the shops with the kids and felt the terror of discovering the remnants of a home burglary or intrusion? Victims of home burglaries initially feel a sense of horrible shock on discovering their home has been robbed, quickly followed by a sickening feeling because their privacy and sense of security has been severely violated. Imagine if one of your precious family items was stolen or smashed during a robbery, or if the perpetrators vandalised your house from room to room with paint and food. While such crimes may be random attacks, what left you vulnerable to being the victim of a home burglary and how could you have minimised the risk?

For peace of mind, there are a couple of simple measures you can consider to better secure your home:

1. Windows

Have locks installed on your windows to prevent intruders from using them as a point of entry? An expert residential locksmith in Melbourne can install window locks which will also allow you to partially open windows and provide airflow during those hot summers.

2. Doors

There is a design trend at present to have glass external doors on homes, but an intruder can easily smash these and gain access to your property. Ask a residential locksmith in Melbourne to install lockable screen doors on all external glass doors.

3. Deterrents

Keep a radio or television running when you’re out and install a timer on internal lights to come on at night, giving the impression that someone is at home when they’re not.

4. Communicate

Make sure your neighbours are familiar with your work hours and holidays so that they may be more aware of any unusual activity at your place.

5. Secure

If you do have precious or valuable items, consider securing them in a safe or in an offsite security box. A good locksmith in Melbourne can help you find a safe to suit your needs.