When do I need a locksmith?

locksmithmelbourne - when do you hire a locksmith

People and businesses call on locksmiths for many different reasons. In Melbourne, owners of both commercial and residential properties may need to call on our services. Of course, one of the most common reasons they need our help is that they are locked out of their business or home. The other key reason is to increase security, with people calling a locksmith to install complex or simple security systems.

Here are the most popular reasons that we get called out as a locksmith in Melbourne:

1. Breaking into their own home

Getting into your own house can be problematic without a key. And it should be. Of course, we will come and help you re-enter your house if you’ve locked yourself out. This is our most common call-out.

2. Installing a security system

If you can get into your own house without a key and (let us assume) you are not an experienced burglar, there may be something wrong with your security! Unfortunately, most people discover the flaws in their security not by locking themselves out but because they have been burgled. Don’t let this happen to you.

3. Opening a car

You can call a locksmith as well as a roadside assistance service and we might be able to help you get into your car. A locksmith who is knowledgeable in bypassing new locking systems is great for new cars. If your car is in a parking lot, you really need a locksmith in Melbourne who can get to you quickly.

4. Cutting a key

People lose their keys more often than you’d think (yes, it’s not just you). Despite knowing that you need backups, losing the last key is also a common issue. Locksmiths can no longer cut keys with a metal cutting machine as most locks are more sophisticated than that and also contain electronic elements, so some level of coding knowledge is now required.

As you can see, what a locksmith in Melbourne does has definitely evolved as time has progressed. Next time you need help getting into your car or house, or protecting your property, give us a call and we will help to ensure your continued (and improved) safety.