Did you know that the bad guys always take Christmas off?

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Updated 19th December 2016:

No, of course, they don’t.

Indeed, sadly, it can be a time of plenty for those who would want to break into your home and rob your family of every bit of festive joy imaginable. Even people who are well-versed in keeping their property protected for the rest of the year can sometimes be a little giddy and less careful as the holiday celebrations unfold.

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Holiday Home Security Extra Tips

Here are just five extra tips, pertinent to the festive season and your home security:

• Don’t display all your gifts as you receive them, in the run-up to that special day, under your Christmas tree and in plain sight of your windows. Burglars can make up their own list to Santa by just glancing in! It’s better to store them away until Christmas Eve and you’re indoors for the celebrations.

• Make sure you close the curtains when you’ve piled up your gifts. Nefarious souls do still wander the streets when ‘tis the night before Christmas.

• After all the fun of opening those great gifts, be careful how you dispose of packaging for the more valuable items such as computers and games consoles. Product boxes, casually left in view until they are taken away, can be like a contents list of your property for a thief.

• If you are dashing around the area, perhaps visiting neighbours during the holidays, still make sure you lock and secure your property. 30 minutes while you’re having a drink just next door can be plenty long enough for a burglar.

• If you have outside lights to help add to the gaiety of the season, make sure you aren’t running power cables to the outside through windows that are then left slightly open for this purpose.

• Of course, make sure if you have the car loaded up with gifts that you don’t leave the car unattended or in a place which isn’t highly visible. You don’t want to lose your car and your gifts.

Sorry if we might be giving the impression of being killjoys with all this. We’re trying to be exactly the opposite, by offering a little advice to help make sure that you remember Christmas 2016 for all the right reasons!