Benefits Of Restricted Key Access

restricted areas protected by restricted key access

At Melbourne City Locksmiths, we are encouraging more and more businesses to embrace the use of restricted key access for better security. They are used for restricting access to some areas of the business to only certain employees. These are areas, for example, like where records are kept, where cash is stored or even where the stock is kept. With restricted key access, only authorised staff will have a key so you can trace who has been in and out of the area. Restricted access comes with several benefits.

Copies Cannot Be Made

Once your locksmith has made you the necessary copies of the key, you can rest assured that they cannot be copied. For one thing, the only one who can cut a restricted key is the original locksmith. For another, the key can be cut only if your locksmith receives instructions only from you.

Increased Security

There is nothing better than knowing that your assets are secure. You can get locksmiths to install ordinary locks but with crime on the rise, you can never be sure. Restricted keys offer additional security that gives you peace of mind. In case someone tries to break in, they will have a hard enough time of it by which time you will have alerted to police.


Although the ordinary locks we supply at Melbourne City Locksmiths are top of the range, we know that once in a while, someone brilliant enough will come along and successfully pick a lock. That is why we recommend that for the areas of your business that you want to be really safe, you should install restricted key access. These are locks that can simply not be picked. You can be sure that if there is unauthorised access, it is because they used one of the authorised keys.

It’s Cheap

Yes, compared to the losses that you may incur in case of unauthorised access, this is definitely much cheaper. What you will spend installing restricted key access is a small fraction of the potential loss you may incur in case of intruders.

Upgrade the level of security in your business today by installing restricted key access. It is the only way you can be sure that you are completely safe. Think about it as an additional layer of security, in the same way, that you would think about installing a security alarm or CCTV cameras. The more security you have, the more likely you are to deter intruders.

Still not sure whether restricted key access is the way to go?

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