Why it pays to call in the experts

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Here’s an amazing and true story from the UK. A few years ago, a social worker was visiting a prison in the north of England. After she had finished her work, she returned to the car park and discovered she had left her keys on the seat of her car. Asking at the prison entrance if she could phone a breakdown service, one of the prison officers cheerfully told her they could offer quicker help than that.

He strode into the prison gym and asked if anyone was serving a sentence for breaking into vehicles. One young lad put his hand up and was promptly marched out into the car park. The officer explained the situation and asked him how he could use his skills to get into the car.

The prisoner looked around for a moment, then picked up a rock from a nearby flowerbed and threw it through the side window. When asked what he was doing by the stupefied guard, he cheerfully replied: ‘Well that’s how I’ve always done it!’

The moral of this tale is surely that, when an emergency strikes, it’s always better to call for the seasoned help of our experienced team here at Melbourne City locksmiths. We have seen people panic and break or force a house window to try and get in. That’s for police dramas on TV. Another occasional example is when people try to open their car door using a credit card – or even a slim piece of metal. In cases like these, repairing the damage caused to home or vehicle is usually more than the fee we charge for dashing to the rescue. That doesn’t even take account of occasional visits to the hospital to repair hand and other injuries from shattered glass slivers and the like.

When people find themselves locked out of their home or vehicle, we know that it can be a fraught situation. There can be important time deadlines to be met, from picking the kids up from school to vital business appointments. It pays to have instant contact capability to a residential and commercial locksmith in Melbourne. So, keep our number with you at all times, in your purse or wallet. It’s 1300 788 446.

Final thought – please don’t do what a couple of customers have done – and that’s leave the number in the glove compartment of the car they have then locked themselves out of!