Improving Your Home Security

protect your home using the latest home security technology and techniques.

How safe is your home?

All you need to do is watch the news or read the paper; home invasions are on the rise in Melbourne. Are you completely sure that you have done everything within your power to deter burglars? People think that regular locks and an alarm system are enough; unfortunately, they are not. You need to hire a top quality locksmith who can be trusted to make sure that your home is completely safe. Here are some of the benefits that we bring:

 1. We Have The Latest Security Systems & Technology

The thieves are never far behind technology when it comes to lockpicking. They learn how to pick locks not long after they are released in the market. Melbourne City Locksmiths have done their best to make sure that you are protected from this; we install only the very latest in lock technology. We also keep up with the news to know which kinds of locks thieves are able to pick. If any of our client’s locks are at risk, we call them and recommend a later model of locks.

2. We Are There To Help You 24/7

You can call us day or night and we will come to your assistance. Don’t worry if you get home at night and find that you have locked yourself out or you have forgotten your keys in the office. All you need to do is call us and a locksmith will be with you in just a few minutes.

3. We Install Door Closers

Sometimes you walk through a door and forget to shut it. We found technology that will go around this and it is called door closers. They will close any door that you walk through and you never have to worry that intruders will walk in through a door that was accidentally left open.

4. We Install And Repair Your Alarm Systems

Melbourne City Locksmiths works with more than just locks. We offer a comprehensive security system and one of our services is alarms of different kinds. If you already have an alarm system, we will maintain it for you. If you don’t have one, we have different kinds that you can choose from and we will install for you.

5. We Can Install State Of The Art CCTV

CCTV is mainly used in businesses but with the increasing number of home invasions, they are now part of your average home security system. We have different CCTV models that you can choose from and we have a team of expert installers.

Melbourne City Locksmiths are the solution for home security. We are proud to say that all our clients have been kept secure over the years; we have made sure to install and maintain everything that is needed to deter intruders. Call us today on 1300 788 446 and we will come over for an inspection.

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