How To Find A Reliable and Reputable Locksmith

make sure that your locksmith ticks all of these boxes

It is very important that you hire the right locksmith for your home or your business. They are the ones who will make sure that everything is secure and that you don’t have any intruders. Here is what you should be looking for in a locksmith.

Make Sure They’re Accredited By Industry Bodies

They should be members of the Locksmith Guild of Australia (LGA) or the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia (MLAA). These bodies are created to ensure that their members are credible and that they always produce top quality work. The more memberships and industry associations the better.

Find Out How Long They’ve Been In The Locksmith Business

You want a company that has been around a long time and in the same location. It is important that they haven’t changed locations; most of the dishonest ones will usually pull off a string of robberies in an area and then move on to a new one. Also, if they have been in business for long, they have the necessary experience to make sure that they give you the best security.

Find Out How Much They Charge By Getting A Quote

Although we offer very fair pricing at Melbourne Locksmiths, we are aware that there are locksmiths in Melbourne who will charge a lot more than they should. They exploit the fact that in the locksmith business, a lot of the work that they get will be on emergency basis and they exploit desperate customers.

Check For Sneaky / Hidden Costs

Always scrutinize your bill especially if it comes to more than what the locksmith quoted. There are many who will stick charges in there that they absolutely shouldn’t.

Make Sure They Offer A Full Range Of Locksmith Services

They should be able to install locks, cut keys, have auto locksmith services, have different security items such as CCTV and alarms and they should also be able to provide safes. This way, when you need any of these services, you don’t have to go looking.

Choose Locksmiths Who Police Check Their Employees

This is very important because if employees have a dodgy past, they could end up committing burglaries after they complete a job. Ask if they have criminal records for any locksmiths who come to your home or business premises.

Melbourne City Locksmiths and (owner of Melbourne City Locksmiths) are proud to tell you that they score perfectly on all these points. Call us today on 1300 788 446 and let us give you everything that you need for excellent security.